Q. How fast do you ship orders?
A. Typically same or next business day.

Q. What If I’m not happy with my purchase? What is your Return Policy?
A. Reach out to us by phone or email and we’ll issue a full refund within 60 days of your
purchase’s arrival. All we ask is that you share your grievances or feedback with us.

Q. Will CBD cause me to fail a drug test
A. Our CBD is made from Hemp that may contain (at most) trace amounts of THC 0.03% or less
which meets general compliance levels. Drug tests for cannabis generally seek out a metabolite
of THC, which needs to be concentrated in your body to be detectable.

Q. Are your products safe for my Pets?
A. Our formulations are not designed for pets, as they contain “Full Spectrum CBD .03% THC or
less” for pets you want to look out for “Broad Spectrum” CBD, which is essentially the same as
Full Spectrum, but has a 0.0% THC level. Although CBD can be beneficial to pets, any THC even in
trace amounts can be toxic to Dogs, and especially Horses. Stay tuned with us as we do have
some pet friendly items in the works.