Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil The Same as a CBD Tincture? The Differences Revealed

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Health Tips

CBD Tincture Guide


The rising popularity of Full Spectrum CBD Oil has led to a surge in interest as more and more are considering CBD oil and CBD tinctures as effective solutions and possible long-term alternatives to their current prescribed medication routine.

Millions of us take medication, sometimes multiple medications with varying side effects, to treat a range of conditions. The CBD Oil benefits list is extensive, from insomnia to pain reduction, anxiety to beauty, and injuries to chronic illnesses.


CBD Oil Benefits and the Growing Popularity

New interest has accelerated the growth of the entire CBD industry, allowing new brands to open their doors in record numbers with a select few who have raised the bar in terms of quality, precision and innovation to meet specific consumer needs. There is no shortage of brands and products to choose from. As you gather information to make an informed decision, remember that not all CBD Oil formulations are created equal, and CBD Tinctures have unique qualities.

We will break down the facts about Full Spectrum CBD Oil and how they differ from CBD Tinctures, showing you what to look for and how to buy accurately.

So, where did all the new CBD enthusiasts come from? And why now?

It’s safe to assume that we may have had a bit more time to shop online to try a new product last year, with time to spare to share our experience with a full written review.

Considering the countless positive reviews and life-changing CBD experiences many have shared online, it’s no surprise to see why the new wave of CBD customers feel less hesitation in trying, transforming previous skeptics into lifelong CBD users and advocates.

Testimonials, product reviews and star ratings play a significant role in our buying decisions.

The majority of us now trust online reviews over the opinion of a friend or family member when deciding to buy or not, so if you regularly question the information your spouse provides, we apparently all do it.

We would like to point out that we love every one of our Live Rishi customers and supporters equally, so it makes no difference if your spouse led you directly here or if they led you on a search to verify their information by reading the reviews. Either way, we applaud both, and you are here!

Although most of us can see the difference between a CBD cream and a CBD oil (stay tuned for an upcoming article on how to buy CBD cream), the confusion comes when attempting to identify the standout differences between a CBD Tincture and a CBD Oil in terms of quality and effectiveness.

A quick online search for CBD Oil might also show you information about tinctures while comparing the benefits of each. When the CBD industry accelerated in early 2018, many businesses would interchange the term, but distinct differences exist.


What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?


The (best) process to create CBD Oil is by supercritical C02 extraction. By applying a high-pressure, the quality and bioavailability of the plant are maintained, keeping all constituents intact easily absorbed in the body.

Suppose you take a high-quality, whole-food-based multivitamin or supplement. In that case, the top brands take the same approach to ensure that their product is more bioavailable because your body will efficiently absorb the nutrients and easily distribute them while being gentle to digest.

Other than some products that may have added essential oil for flavor, the only other ingredient in CBD Oil is usually an inert carrier oil, like coconut oil.

For Tinctures, the extraction process for herbal extracts is hydroethanolic, which removes compounds by combining hot water and ethanol, which acts as a solvent.

Considering CBD in alcohol-based liquids contains about 65%-70% alcohol, there is no surprise to the extended shelf life of about 3-5 years.

What is a CBD Tincture?


Tinctures have the freedom to become specialized in specific categories with the addition of ingredients such as healing herbs or other extracts that reduce inflammation and vitamins to boost energy.

If you want the best of both worlds, a premium brand will source top-quality, organic ingredients to produce a first-class tincture. It would only make sense to keep the bioavailability of the tincture, but with supercritical C02 extraction rather than the typical ethanol.

This is where Live Rishi shines!

Live Rishi’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

When Full Spectrum CBD Oil is combined with a lipid-based solution, the CBD Oil becomes more bioavailable. For this reason, Live Rishi uses only Organic MCT coconut oil as a base. MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil is structurally designed to metabolize to produce energy quickly.

Great Tip: Taking a tincture before a high-fat meal, such as eggs, avocado toast, olive oil, etc., would help improve its performance.

How Do You Take Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

CBD Tinctures are taken sublingually, allowing fast absorption and shorter duration to take effect. CBD Oils are taken orally and can take about 1-2 hours to take effect. You can add both tinctures and oils to food and beverages if you prefer.

There are some CBD Oils that you can use topically, applied directly to the skin. In this case, treatment would be for a specific area vs. the full-body effects of an ingested oil.

You could try and rub a tincture on your skin but don’t, it won’t do anything, and you would be wasting your precious tincture.

In upcoming articles, we will provide valuable insight into the long and growing benefits of CBD, concentration levels, and CBD Creams in more detail. We will dive into our founder’s story of a chronic condition that led to the creation of Live Rishi and why top-quality ingredients go hand in hand with a top-quality product.

Assuming we all know creams are topical and not ingested, we end today’s tutorial on that note. If you have already attempted a CBD Cream taste test, we can only say we hope it was only that one time.

Welcome to the Live Rishi family!

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