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and a small crockpot in our kitchen we have always crafted our products with holistic & natural ingredients. We appreciate you joining us on our journey of bringing time-tested remedies to the world.

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Our Story

Our co-founder, Linda, nearly lost her life from complications due to prescription drugs. She was lucky to survive thanks to faith, her loving husband, Jim, and the healing properties of CBD. Jim’s late mother left behind a journal containing a list of holistic ingredients for a healing salve which they concocted to aid in Linda’s recovery. It would later provide the base for what would become our signature Rishi Rub. Today, we are on a mission to share the power of natural healing and wellness with the world. After I, Rishi, met Jim and Linda in 2016, we inspired each other to bring this formula to help as many people as possible.

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We are able to do what we love thanks to the support of our customers. Standing by our product is our mission, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Live Rishi products.

What our customers say

Cameron Kruger


Rishi’s drops and salve have been invaluable to me. I’m a professional driver in NYC. and work up to 16 hours a day. Using Rishi’s drops and salve has been instrumental in calming my mind and body while naturally helping me find my grounding and fight the negative effects of sitting all day. I recommend these products for anyone who has pain, stress, and anxiety.”

Jen Janz


As a yoga instructor and personal trainer, my hands and feet can sometimes take a beating and can experience a little arthritis pain and swelling. When I use Rishi Rub, the swelling and throbbing go from painful to perfect. almost instantaneously! The fragrance is heavenly, and I sometimes rub it on for soothing and calming aromatherapy. I also use it to treat my chapped skin in the winter.’

Josh Holland


Not all CBD products are created equal. And my experience with the Rishi products versus many other CBD products proves that point. The Rishi Reserve tincture and the Rishi Rub are among my favorites for combating inflammation, pain, stress, and a multitude of things that come with a high-performance lifestyle. It’s a must-have in my bag. I’ve noticed improvements in sleep, pain relief, and even enhancements in mood.”

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