Our Story

Jim and Linda’s Story

Our company was born from tragedy, love, hardship, healing, and a husband and wife’s unconditional commitment to each other in both sickness and in health.

Jim and Linda are the co-founders and formulators for Live Rishi CBD products. Growing up in Oklahoma with a farmhand work ethic, they became successful serial entrepreneurs and opened up everything from petting zoos to restaurants.


Trying to Turn Tragedy Around

Their marriage was happy, long, and fulfilling. But in an unfortunate turn of events, tragedy struck as they were preparing to enjoy their golden years. Linda was diagnosed with Ischemic colitis after a regimen of prescribed pharmaceutical drugs slowly eroded a hole in the lining of her gut, causing its contents to empty into her stomach cavity and requiring emergency surgery. She slipped into a coma after being rushed to the hospital. When Linda finally woke up in the ICU at the hospital in Arizona, she was told she now had a colostomy bag and her life would be changed forever! It was in this near-death state that she had an out-of-body experience where she made contact with her creator. Her soul made the choice to return to Earth. Afterwards, Linda began her incredible journey of recovery with the help of CBD.

The prescription drugs originally meant to help her had ruined her health, and consequently put her and her family in massive debt due to the medical bills. Insurance would not cover many of those bills, forcing Linda’s loving husband to have to leave her alone during the day to drive for Lyft.


An Unexpected Meeting

One day, Jim had been called to pick up a passenger at Whole Foods. That is how I, Rishi Khubani, met Jim.

I noticed that he was driving a somewhat new Mercedes truck. I was mystified as I thought,

“I wonder why this man is driving his nice car in the hot, Arizona heat. Shouldn’t he be relaxing by a pool or be enjoying some leisure time?”

After asking about his situation, Jim told me about the recent adversities he was facing. With an open mind and my whole day ahead of me, I invited him to join me for coffee at my hotel. Coincidentally, Jim happened to live less than a mile from the hotel and thus he invited his wife, Linda. It was then that they enlightened me about the benefits of CBD and how it had been helping both of them with pain and aches—especially Linda who was recovering from surgery to close her internal wounds. She mentioned that their home-made CBD salve helped heal her surgical scar so well that her doctors were amazed during her first follow-up. I became incredibly curious about their product and they were happy to share it with me. After just one use my skin was completely rejuvenated and moisturized, and I felt great.


Pursuing our Purpose

We knew that this product could help so many people. Bearing witness to their story of resilience, love, and commitment to each other I wanted to help share their story of healing and recovery to others who could benefit from the use of their product. A dream was born that day, and Jim, Linda, and I were determined to work together and make this dream it a reality. After many discussions, it was decided that the CBD salve would be named after me!

I was flattered, and a bit shy at first, but we pressed forward with the name “Live Rishi.” The word “Rishi” means “Sage” in Sanskrit (an ancient Hindu script). Sages are often depicted meditating under a tree with a bowl and mallet in Indian visual art, suggesting that a Rishi is a student of nature; creators of healing elixirs made from medicinal plants and herbs.


Jim, Linda, and Live Rishi

Today Jim and Linda are proudly responsible for the oversight and quality control of each and every Live Rishi CBD product. We truly believe that putting the best ingredients in our products is the only way to make a meaningful impact on our customers health and well-being. It was this course of direction that helped Jim and Linda see their vitality and energy resurface after their incredible recovery.

Jim and Linda’s journey is reflected in each CBD product we sell. Our collective mission is to provide these gifts of the Earth to everyone with love, care, and respect, and to make CBD financially accessible to those who need it most.

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