5 Ways to Stay Cool on Your (Hectic) Commute

by | Nov 14, 2021 | Health Tips

5 Ways To Stay Cool On Your Hectic Commute

Road Rage.
Let’s admit we all have to deal with it. Waiting for someone on a one-lane road to make a left turn when you need to go straight, or someone who veers into your lane and cuts you off without using their turn signal, or someone in front of you driving 10 or more miles per hour below the speed limit when you’re in a rush.

Science says that we are more easily agitated when we are driving because our brain has to operate at a higher level to account for the speed and continued focus on the road. Any sudden movements or disruptions throw us off because, perhaps from an evolutionary standpoint, we’re unable to process moving at 70, 50, or even 30 miles an hour.

No matter what your commute looks like, driving doesn’t have to be a stressful cycle. Here are 5 tips on how to turn your commute into an enjoyable experience.


1. Play an Audio Book or Podcast instead of music.
For those who value their time & learning, listening to an audio book or podcast is a great way to make those unexpected extra minutes on your commute count. Instead of music, you are giving your mind a chance to learn about something new or helpful, or something that you’ve been curious about (hence the reason you bought or subscribed in the first place). Take advantage of your brain’s efficiency in the morning as you are also better at taking in new information that way.


2. Have a Beverage on the go
Stop-and-go traffic usually invites us to fidget. Fortunately you can sip a nice warm beverage as an alternative to quell your anxiety. Just drinking anything in general (as long as its not laden with sugar or any artificial ingredients) is usually good for you anyway. Hydrating before you start your day is always a good idea.


3. Keep a CBD Tincture in your side door
As you start up your car, reach over to your trusty tincture and drop a few of those joyful drops under your tongue. You’ll feel relaxed for the rest of the ride.


4. Smile & Reflect
Appreciate the fact that you are on your way to a better future. When heading to work, remind yourself that you are more than likely going to end this day better (or at least wealthier) than when you started. Think about all the amazing things you can accomplish if you put your mind & focus towards your goals. You never know what opportunities and delights a new day can bring.


5. Leave Earlier
The thought of being late and having to rush into the day causes a lot of stress. The best way to alleviate that is to leave earlier. You don’t even need to cut too deeply into your morning sleep. As a rule of thumb, for every 10 minutes of your commute, try to leave 2 minutes earlier.

ie. if you usually have an hour commute, leave 12 minutes earlier. You’ll be surprised on how much more comfortable and relaxed you’ll feel on the way just knowing you have that extra room to spare when you get there.

No matter where you are going, remember that life is a journey. Enjoy the path to your destination and try to seek & appreciate all the natural beauty that surrounds you, regardless of your environment.

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